How do I treat a spider bite?


Unless you actually witness a spider biting you, or you find a spider in the immediate vicinity of you (such as in bed), do not assume any wound is a spider bite. Your physician should treat the symptoms you exhibit. “Spider bites” are perhaps the most misdiagnosed of all injuries, with many, many other potential causes for a given lesion. A most authoritative website to visit is Causes of Necrotic Wounds other than Brown Recluse Spider Bites, written by Rick Vetter of University of California, Riverside. Avoiding bites in the first place is the best advice. Don’t put your extremities in places that you can’t see. Be careful when taking items out of storage, or bringing firewood, plants, or other objects indoors from outside. Do not leave footwear, gloves, and other apparel outdoors where a spider can hide inside the garment. Repair worn weatherstripping around doors, mend holes in window screens, and seal other potential entrance holes, such as where plumbing and electrical conduits enter and exit the home.

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