Nilus albocinctus
(Common White-flanked Water Spider)

Picture ID 103310

Picture of Nilus albocinctus (Common White-flanked Water Spider) - Dorsal

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I think this is the fishing spider or common white-flanked water spider, Nilus albocinctus. It was on surface water on the forest floor in lowland tropical rainforest, and was photographed at night.

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I believe this is a American nursery web spider, Pisaurina mira


I agree. It is one of the species that we have listed for Malaysia in “Locations.” LilDame – remember to look at the sighting location and what the submitter suggests for an identification. They’ve often done some research and know more about their local spiders than we do. 🙂 Thank you for working, a not quite correct response can be better than none because it starts a debate that keeps the discussion open. Alan – thank you for teaching. If you have the time please check our other submissions (Locations in the three bar icon menu) to see if you… Read more »


Alanfeatherstone, I met a Featherstone in the U.S. He was the creator of the iconic plastic lawn flamingo over 50 years ago. He is the reason that the plastic flamingo in the Toy Story Pixar movies is named Featherstone. He was a fun guy (with pink business cards).


Iḿ sorry


Thanks, seriously- you don’t have to apologize for the learning process. I’m sure I’m making some mistakes or could be doing things better and I’ll try to change what I know and what I do as I discover the need. I’ve not paid attention to the location or the identification given by the submitter before. Itsy reminded me MANY times to pay attention to range. 🙂


Yea your right 🙂

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Picture of Nilus albocinctus (Common White-flanked Water Spider) - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture