Hogna antelucana

Picture ID 10456

Picture of Hogna antelucana - Dorsal

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Found this little guy in my garage even though I am a neat freak and my garage is perfectly neat.
I have a wife and children in my house and I am very protective of them so I am curious to know if this spider is dangerous or not. The body was about 3/4 inch long and it is the first time I see a spider this big in my house.
Could someone please let me know if I should work or not.
Thank you vert much, Alain.

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No,not too much worry, they are outdoor spiders though and would be happier out in your garden or yard.


thought this was the spider I saw in my kitchen sink this morning I put outside
before taking a picture
do they bite?


Hi, your spider is a wolf spider, Lycosidae family, looks a bit like Hogna antelucana. Not prone to bite, but can if seriously provoked, may sting a bit like a bee sting, Fair size spider, like my first pet. Of the good number I have handled,only bitten by one, bigger than yours, and covered with babies, my bad for persistently trying o get her on my hand for a selfie and ignoring her defensive posture. They are venomous like bees, so don’t know how you may react. Handling, do it gently, they are a bit of a nervous sort, or… Read more »

Additional Pictures

Picture of Hogna antelucana - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Hogna antelucana - Female - Spiderlings Enlarge Picture
Picture of Hogna antelucana Enlarge Picture
Picture of Hogna antelucana - Dorsal Enlarge Picture