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Picture of unidentified spider

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Afraid I’ve found a brown recluse in my home. I have a 9 month old so I’d be fine learning I’m wrong. Found just like thing hanging out behind the blinds of a window.

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  • Submitted: Apr 4, 2021
  • Photographed: Apr 4, 2021
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: Sterlington, Louisiana, United States
  • Spotted Indoors: Other
  • Found in web?: No
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Looks like a black footed yellow sac spider, possibly a gravid female because of the size of the abdomen. Unless you are allergic, their bites are painful but not much to worry about. In my experience, these little guys are most active at night, and pretty skittish so I wouldn’t worry about it.


Yes, she’s a Cheiracanthum species. I’ve been bitten by the species that lives outdoors, not the one indoors. In my house they eat the various other species of spiders that live with me.