Strotarchus piscatorius

Picture ID 14397

Picture of Strotarchus piscatorius - Male - Dorsal

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I am scared. These are coming out in droves at 1am. Brown recluse? I live in Maryland. Please respond as soon as possible. I am worried for myaelf and mt kitty.

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Definitely not a Brown Recluse. Looks more like a Gnaphosidae, a Ground spider, but I’m not too certain on which this is. Perhaps Drassodes sp..


Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 This is one of the Prowling Spiders (Eutichuridae), Strotarchus piscatorius.


I had my first encounter with one of these spiders today. I have my bedroom in the basement level of my home so I’m used to all sorts of insects making their way inside, including spiders but nothing like this one. It was crawling across my bed and so I picked up the bag it had climbed on to remove it and place it back outside but this spider wasn’t having it. As I started towards the stairs it jumped down and ran under my dog that was sleeping at the foot of my bed. When I went to flush… Read more »

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Picture of Strotarchus piscatorius - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture