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Picture of unidentified spider

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I found this spider inside, in a ceiling corner, by our front door. I relocated (her) to the evergreen out back. She had a web surrounding her and was tucked into the corner.

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  • Submitted: Nov 14, 2022
  • Photographed: Nov 13, 2022
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, United States
  • Spotted Indoors: Other
  • Found in web?: Yes
  • Attributes:
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She’s Steatoda triangulosa, aTriangulate Cobweaver. She makes the cobweb kind of spider web. As you thought, she’s not dangerous to people. She eats a remarkable amount of insects and fellow arachnids. They live both indoors and outdoors. I relocate them, like you did, if there is someone in the house that kills spiders. She’s very gravid and will oviposit her eggs soon. They can survive freezing temperatures biologically and because the mother will find an insulated place for them. There are active spiders, insects, and worms in insulated air pockets under frozen sheets of fallen leaves under snow and ice.