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Picture of unidentified spider

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This thing was moving and crawling aroind on my head. It looked like there was vegetation covering it, but I couldnt get it off. I saw tiny legs and since it was so small...gave up at the end. It was living and moving...Spider or Insect?

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  • Submitted: Nov 24, 2022
  • Photographed: Nov 24, 2022
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: Greenville, South Carolina, United States
  • Spotted Outdoors: Low foliage (shrubs, herbs, garden, excluding flowers),Freshwater river, lake, stream,Open field, pasture, prairie, grassland
  • Found in web?: No
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Here’s my guess: https://bugguide.net/node/view/648364/bgimage Masked Hunter Assassin Bug Nymph. I don’t know if the nymphs can bite painfully. This species is the best go-to answer for a fuzzy grayish-greyish vaguely bug-like creatures. I usually find them hunting other arthropods on concrete structures.