Aliatypus janus

Picture ID 2909

Picture of Aliatypus janus - Female - Dorsal

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Aliatypus janus

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Do these spiders also have a 100% black morphology. Saw a spider today that looks identical but all black.


I just posted a photo of a very similar spider, but a deeper brown color, and perhaps a little larger (abt 2 to 2.5 inches across – footprint). Mine was found at 6,300 ft elevation in Lassen county in California.


I had a similar one in the fireplace. body was whiteish with red/tan legs. main body was about an inch in length. I will post a photo on my page.


My husband found one of these when we were out scouting for elk last year. It was cold out so it was moving almost in slow motion and it looked like a giant red bodybuilder with its fat legs. We were in the Charleston/Jarbidge (high desert) area in Northeastern Nevada in September.