Acacesia hamata

Picture ID 3549

Picture of Acacesia hamata - Female - Dorsal

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Acacesia hamata-Female

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On my bucket list of species I hope to find someday. 🙂

Note to admin.: species page needed for A. hamata.


Thanks, I very seldom get out to look!


Yeah, I need to have some things checked out myself. And this weather doesn’t help at all, I don’t know how it’s been in KY but it hasn’t gone above freezing here for some time now, and isn’t supposed to until Monday. Forecast for Saturday night looks nice, 5° F with a windchill of up to -15° below 0. At least there hasn’t been enough snow to warrant shoveling. Edit: I just looked at your forecast, close enough.




I actually have one that has been riding around on my antenna and in my sideview mirror for the past week. I have also seen a few at home in my yard and where I work over the past few years. The ones I have seen all appear/appeared to be female. I have never been able to get a good picture of them either.


Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to see this up close!! <3

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Picture of Acacesia hamata - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture