Hyllus diardi
(Heavy Jumping Spider)

Picture ID 3559

Picture of Hyllus diardi (Heavy Jumping Spider) - Dorsal

Comments & ID Thoughts

Hello. This spider (?) bite my friend at Phuket, Thailand today.
Plz, help to identify this creature.
The bite is eaching but not much swallow in place of bite.

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This is a Jumping Spider (Salticidae), they’re not my strong suit especially ones from outside of North America … however, the abdominal pattern looks like it could be Hyllus diardi, I don’t see any others in the genus listed for Thailand so that is most likely what it is though the hair seems to be all worn off on the carapace which makes it more difficult to recognize. No species of Jumping Spider is considered medically significant, everyone’s immune system is different though and you want to avoid secondary infections so keep it clean and if it gets worse enough… Read more »


I hope your friend recovers without incident. Thank you for sharing.



Additional Pictures

Picture of Hyllus diardi (Heavy Jumping Spider) - Lateral,Prey Enlarge Picture