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(Cave Orb-weavers)

Picture ID 38792

Picture of Meta (Cave Orb-weavers) - Lateral

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Cave Spider??
Found about 50 of these large shiny black spiders in one derelict concrete WW2 German bunker in Normandy.
Approx 3 cm across including legs.
Teardrop shaped body similar to black widows. Little or no obvious webs. Each spider was spaced apart by approx 1 metre around the borders between the walls and ceiling - one was sitting on top of an old water pipe.

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Meta species, ‘cave spider’, either Meta bourneti or Meta menardi.
a type of long-jawed orbweaver, harmless.


No problem.
They do look kinda similar at first but they are in a different family from each other.

There is a Mediterranean widow species (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus) but it would be found in a much different habitiat, and I am pretty sure they don’t range that far north of France.