Micrommata virescens
(Green Huntsman Spider)

Picture ID 3880

Picture of Micrommata virescens (Green Huntsman Spider) - Dorsal,Eyes

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Micrommata virescens?!

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I love it. 🙂

Note to admin: species needed for Micrommata virescens.


I considered it, the World Spider Catalog lists the range as “Mediterranean to Central Asia” which I think excludes Portugal, but it’s close enough that I looked at it anyway and noticed the median carapace stripe on images of M. ligurna is pretty dark on the anterior half whereas on yours and images I see of other M. virescens the intensity of the color on the median stripe is kind of pale and more consistent through out.


I had looked up the list of Mediterranean countries when I was considering it and Wikipedia doesn’t include Portugal. But it is close enough, being there you would know better than I if it’s considered Mediterranean. Yes, I think it’s most likely M. virescens.


Micrommata ligurina always has a small black mark on the rear part of the prosoma, and M. virescens doesn’t.


Thanks for that bit of information. I posted a picture of presumably a Micrommata ligurina taken in Jacetania Aragón (Spain). However I also note that there is a Micrommata aragonensis. Do you know to distinguish those?