Arctosa littoralis
(Beach Wolf Spider)

Picture ID 3929

Picture of Arctosa littoralis (Beach Wolf Spider) - Dorsal

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Im not sure what kind of spider this is. I’m mostly curious about what the clear round things on the spider are. From afar it looked gray and visibly hairy if that helps

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Lycosidae one of the Wolf Spiders. They are not a medically significant spider.


Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 As mentioned above you have a Wolf Spider (Lycosidae), the species appears to be Arctosa littoralis.

The clear droplets are hemolymph aka … spider blood. This species isn’t considered to be of medical significance to people. In the future if you see one like this in your home you can safely remove it by placing a cup over it and gently sliding a stiff piece of paper underneath and release it outside.

Edit: note to admin.: species page needed for Arctosa littoralis.




Wolf Spiders are generally harmless even when cornered they won’t bite unless it’s a last resort. I have studied these spiders quite a bit and they are an amazing spider species. They are good mothers carrying their babies on their backs and can be found anywhere from the beach, woods, backyards, and people’s homes… they are quite beneficial to maintaining the insect population. They are nature’s exterminators. Some years back we had a huge female Wolf Spider take up residence in our home, she burrowed into my bathroom wall alone the floorboards and was with us for a little more… Read more »

Additional Pictures

Picture of Arctosa littoralis (Beach Wolf Spider) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Arctosa littoralis (Beach Wolf Spider) - Eyes Enlarge Picture