Homalonychus theologus

Picture ID 42130

Picture of Homalonychus theologus - Dorsal

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So I walk into ,y bathroom and see this I almost stepped on it I went back to kill it and that fast it is gone anyone know what kind Spider this is

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Hi. Looks like one of the nursery web spiders, Tinus genus most likely. Quick if spooked, but quite harmless.
No need to kill them, Easy enough to catch and release outside.


Hi. Well, this is nothing at ll like a recluse, and no, there are no Loxoceles reclusa in California.
You might be in range of he desert recluse,but they have no bad reportings.


Hi, this is a very cool find. Looks like Homalonychus theologus (Dusty Desert Spider), species specific ID based on location. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


Hey, your right. Thought that face looked a little pointy, just out of mind not seeing one in 30 years. They are in Nevada too.