Rothus aethiopicus

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Picture of Rothus aethiopicus - Dorsal
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Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 What was the geographic location for this spider? The spider doesn’t look like something I recognize as occuring in the listed location (United States). Might be a Pisaura.


Thanks, that helps a lot. I’m on a mobile too but I corrected the location for you. I’m seeing images for a species called Rothus purpurissatus that may be it but I need too double check it when I’m on my desktop pc.


OK, I think I found it. The name changed from Rothus purpurissatus to Rothus aethiopicus in 2015. Species determination based on comparison to photos of the three species in the genus in “Silva & Sierwald, 2015”.

Note to admin.: species needed for Rothus aethiopicus.


Taxonomy added, filed.


Here in hartenbos south Africa.. Just today I saw 2 times two different of them.. I’m not sure if is poison or not, can everyone say me what I can do..


I have many in my house, Gauteng South Africa

Additional Pictures

Picture of Rothus aethiopicus - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Rothus aethiopicus - Dorsal Enlarge Picture