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Ceryerda cursitans
(Prowling Inland Spider)

Picture ID 47144

Picture of Ceryerda cursitans (Prowling Inland Spider) - Dorsal

Comments & ID Thoughts

Can anyone please give me some info on this spider. mostly if its venomous. I found a squashed one in my bed this morning so now i'm worried I got bit by it. but I don't feel anything unusual (I already had/have a flu so I already feel like complete sh*t).

I took these pics over a year ago and put them on another forum back then, and they said its probably a prowling inland spider. But the info says they are fast moving. these ones are always walking slowly enough for me to usually catch them and put outside. (and there wasn't much info anyway, so I sorta just forgot about it all)

also in the pictures online they look really big, I've never seen these more than like half an inch. the one in my bed (tho squashed up) would be like 0.2inches. of course I may have only seen young ones, but still...

Also, I've never seen them in a web, always just walking on the wall (mostly) or floor.

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I think the people on the previous forum you posted on were right. It does look like a Prowling Inland Spider. I don’t know much about this particular family of spider so I can’t give you any info but if you have a museum near you, I’m sure they would gladly identify it. or send them an email with a photo. That way you know you’re getting a proper identification from spider experts.


Hi, I agree this looks like Ceryerda cursitans (Prowling Inland Spider) and have filed it as such, however the World Spider Catalog lists them as being from Western Australia and I see it suggested elsewhere that their range is either more widespread than that or there are possibly more species in the genus that have yet to be described. As there is currently only one species listed in the genus I have placed this there though that may change in time. “Murphy, 2007” describes them as being 4-5mm long, that measurement only includes body length and not the legs.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Ceryerda cursitans (Prowling Inland Spider) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Ceryerda cursitans (Prowling Inland Spider) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture