Aphonopelma mooreae
(North American Cobalt Tarantula)

Picture ID 49824

Picture of Aphonopelma mooreae (North American Cobalt Tarantula) - Female - Dorsal

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Aphonopelma mooreae Smith 1995, female.

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I want to send my picture of spider for identification. HOW do I do that ?


Hi, Rick is a tarantula expert, it is safe to disclose info about a tarantula you found to him.


Thank you Rick! She’s gorgeous! We had a user asking people who submitted tarantula photos for their zip codes and the photo GPS coordinates. Totally shady. Since that I’ve warned people who submit tarantula pics to be aware of poachers and to not give out locations. I just realized that there is time, date, and location metadata in original pics, so people shouldn’t share original digital photos off their devices to questionable people who request them. Any thoughts on that?