Lampropelma violaceopes
(Singapore Blue Tarantula)

Picture ID 50465

Picture of Lampropelma violaceopes (Singapore Blue Tarantula) - Female - Dorsal

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Lampropelma violaceopes Abraham, 1924, female. Singapore blue tarantula.

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How old do you think she is? Are spider years equivalent to our years? Or do they age more like say in dog years?


It depends on the species. Orbweavers, for instance, only live about 2 years maximum. Female tarantulas can live into their 30s, but the males only live about 4 years.


very cool! gorgeous find, by the way, the best-looking spider I’ve seen!


How is this coloration possible outside of computer graphics!
Did you capture it? Are you a pro arachnologist?
In your country are these spiders kept as pets?


This is real, not filtered. Rick West is a top world expert (Google him) on Tarantulas. He lives in Canada 🙂 He did his own field research and had a professional taxonomist do the identifications. Mr West has graciously donated copies of some of his photos to our website’s photo gallery. You can view all of the photos he provided to us by clicking his username, then the camera icon.
This species is threatened or endangered because it is poached for the pet trade.


Mr. RickCWest. Thanks for disuading me to continue my novice inquisitivness. No offensive intention.

So. Only about spiders: looks and location.

Mesmerizing blue metallic. I am afraid to ask any more. Here it goes:

Why blue? With such coloration it would be hard to go unnoticed.
Refracted light? So in the dark what coloration does it have?
Are these pertinent questions or too low level ?
Should I just go to Google ?


Mr RickC Very intriguing. Its coloration is still a mystery.

Nature always has its “raison d’etre” …..a very precise one.
With your experience could you say it is otherwise? (If not pertinent question ignore it.)

Thanks for this extra food for thought for the day.