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Cyclosa trilobata
(Three-lobed Spider)

Picture ID 50771

Picture of Cyclosa trilobata (Three-lobed Spider) - Dorsal

Comments & ID Thoughts

Approximately 4m squared area of web colony next to compost bin, with hundreds of spiders, the longest 1cm in length. Adults have silver markings as pictured, juveniles with plain black abdomen.

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Hi, this looks like a Three-lobed Spider, Cyclosa trilobata. I need to make a page to file it when I have more time.


Species added. The new images are interesting, thanks for sharing. 🙂

Additional Pictures

Picture of Cyclosa trilobata (Three-lobed Spider) - Male,Female - Lateral,Webs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Cyclosa trilobata (Three-lobed Spider) - Webs Enlarge Picture