Heteropoda cyperusiria

Picture ID 50807

Picture of Heteropoda cyperusiria - Dorsal

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Photographed in Banaue in the Philippines - a lady said it was just a common house spider, but this thing was the size of a small hand and looks like some sort of brown wandering spider? A local who I showed this picture said that it was venomous? Anyone got any ideas?!

I heard this before I saw it - it scuttled down the side of my traditional thatch hut as if it were after something and then it resides on the floor in the corner.

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Hi, tentatively this seems to fit the general description for the Huntsman Spider Heteropoda cyperusiria which is described as having a yellow longitudal line. Like most spiders they have venom but are not known/considered to be of medical significance. Everyone’s immune system is different though, it’s a big spider and there probably isn’t that much known about the venom so still treat them with caution/respect to be on the safe side. I found another here (ignore the species H. venatoria ID on it, someone was just making a guess, this species doesn’t seem to be well represented online yet): https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/7034034… Read more »


Species added. 🙂