(Intertidal Spiders)

Picture ID 50837

Picture of Desidae (Intertidal Spiders) - Dorsal

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Hi guys,
My mother in law has been bitten by this guy and is currently suffering major joint pain and swelling of all joints plus a few other things.
The doctors don’t have much info on this one here in Australia so I was hoping that someone here might be able to help.
Initial guess is that it’s a Badumna longinqua. Located in the south east of Queensland Australia.

Thank you for your efforts

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Hi, you may be right – unfortunately there are too many similar species in the genus Badumna native to Australia for me to suggest a species ID with confidence. An arachnologist would likely need to examine the spider up close to give you a firm ID. I hope your mother-in-law has a speedy recovery.