Cosmophasis micarioides
(Grainy Cosmophasis)

Picture ID 51443

Picture of Cosmophasis micarioides (Grainy Cosmophasis) - Dorsal

Comments & ID Thoughts

Can anyone identify this spider please? It was found in the Noosa area of QLD, Australia and fell onto our car roof.

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Hi, it’s beautiful! This is a jumping spider. I think the genus is Chrysilla from the pattern on the cephalothorax. I haven’t been able to find an Australian match for the abdomen and legs for species identification. Other members of this site will probably know more about it and give you more information.


To find it all I did was google ”salticidae Australia”, clicked on images and scrolled down a bit. That trick doesn’t always work of course, and depending on the source sometimes the IDs are wrong, but sure speeds things up when it does work.


Stunning! 😀 Cosmophasis sp., maybe micarioides. If I find the time I’ll check the ranges. There are multiple species in the genus found in Australia.


That’s a nice looking spider looks painted beautiful


Beautiful spider!