Eriophora ravilla
(Tropical Orb-weaver)

Picture ID 52869

Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal,Webs

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What kind of spider is this?

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An orbweaver, Neoscona domiciliorum or maybe N. crucifera. She has particularly bright crisp markings.


Why does this picture still show as Unidentified?


The identification still needs to be confirmed by one our experts at the site. Some of the spiders take longer because the photos don’t show the details needed or because there isn’t enough data readily available on the taxonomic status and range of the spider. Then it needs to be processed into the files and statistics. We have more photos submitted than we have volunteers to keep up with them as quickly as site users hope for. Overall, I think all of the volunteer identifications are checked promptly (Thanks Itsy Bitsy!) byban expert and other site users and corrected if… Read more »


Hi, this is a Tropical Orb-weaver, Eriophora ravilla. Unfortunately I’m the only active moderator here and I can’t keep up with the quantity of images that are submitted every day, it’s been several months since I’ve heard from this site’s administrator – he had some updates planned to help address the quantity of “unidentified” images but I don’t know what the current status of that is.


What can I do to help? I had attempted contact a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t get a response. I was trying to find out if this is an independent nonprofit capable of fundraising and making new contacts for volunteers or if it is a project of an institution that could allocate more personnel to help with final IDs or the computing work. I hope we have the site’s copyright independent of administrators and that the photos and data are stored independent of the administration in case the site needs to relocate.


I don’t know. This site isn’t like that, this site is currently someone’s personal project. I’m a moderator because like you I was very active on this site’s previous incarnation ( and was upgraded to a moderator when the new site launched. I think BugGuide, iNaturalist, and Project Noah are more like what you describe but of course they’re also more than just spiders. I don’t know if iNaturalist or Project Noah uses moderators/editors (I have accounts for both but haven’t been active enough), but at BugGuide if you prove yourself to be accurate at IDing/trustworthy and ask, or if… Read more »


Thank you, that helps. The About section of this site refers to “our other sites” and I don’t know if that actually means anything. I like Bugguide’s photo gallery and charts. InsectId is a higher technical level. I haven’t tried project noah or iNaturalist yet. SpiderId seems to specialize in accessibility to beginners. We answer the question, “wat dis.” I like that, it has always been my style for reaching and teaching people. We seem more inclined toward the psychological and emotional aspects of learning about nature, as stated in the mission statement. I’m glad there are merit-based upgrades possible.… Read more »


My main concern wasn’t me, it was the stress put on you. The administration would be fools for burning you out and losing you and the progress this site is making.


I agree. ItsyBitsy is amazing. Every picture I see that has been identified was from this person, (s)he identified mine pretty quickly and I’m ever so thankful… because I was freaked out.

ItsyBitsy, you rock my spider world!

Additional Pictures

Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Female - Ventral,Webs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Eriophora ravilla (Tropical Orb-weaver) - Dorsal,Webs Enlarge Picture