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Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Dorsal

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Hello there. Could you please help me identify this feller. Me and my family are really curious, since this is the first time we see a spider this big in our house. This feller came down from the attic trough a hole in the ceiling. It was hanging from it's string under the hole, waiting for flies. The house is full of them since spring came. It's abdomen from side to side measured about 2cm (0.787 inches). This is the only picture and info i have about it, i'm sorry.

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Hi, this is an orb web (orbweaver) kind of spider. It may be the species Araneus circe. Spiders in genus Araneus often have that basic wavy pattern down the abdomen. A. circe appears to be the most common species of Araneus in your region. Yours is a female. They have larger bodies than the males. Her abdomen will get bigger as she gets closer to depositing her eggs. She will eat flying insects. Her web will be concentric circles. My profile picture is based on orbweaver webs. The web will be large and strong. At morning she will eat her… Read more »

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