Picture ID 54399

Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Dorsal,Webs

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This photo was taken by me, found inside the plastic cup for latex collection in rubber estate

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  • Submitted: Mar 14, 2019
  • Photographed: Mar 8, 2019
  • Spider: Araneidae (Orb-weavers)
  • Location: pala, India
  • Spotted Outdoors: High foliage (includes trees and tree trunks)
  • Found in web?: No
  • Attributes: Dorsal, Webs
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It is one of the Orb Weavers in the family Araneidae. I’m not familiar enough with the spiders of India to go much more specific than that. Perhaps there are others on this site that could be more precise.


Looking at the very angular abdomen, this may be a species of Parawixia. You might want to contact Dr. Sunil Jose at as he may be able to be more precise in the identification.

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Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture