Schizocosa maxima

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Picture of Schizocosa maxima - Female - Dorsal

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Schizocosa mccooki?

Huge beautiful wolf spider. I named her Geraldine and kept her for several months. She produced a few egg sacs but they were all infertile. :(

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Looks like Schizocosa maxima. I need to make a page to file it. Edit: Having second thoughts, need to read a few things. Filing to genus for now.


Tentatively sticking with S. maxima. The ventral fits the description for the species better … being either black, or yellow with black margins. S. mccooki is described as usually having a lot of black on the venter … it varies considerably though. It just initially struck me as being pale for an S. mccooki. Not enough confirmed examples for me to compare to to be as confident as I’d like.

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Picture of Schizocosa maxima - Female - Ventral Enlarge Picture