Gladicosa gulosa

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Picture of Gladicosa gulosa - Male - Dorsal

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I recently moved to Virginia and my bedroom is in the downstairs of a ranch style house. This is the fourth of this species I have found down here and would like to know if they pose a threat. I plan on treating my house perimeter to reduce the possibility of any further encounters. I have an irrational but extreme fear of spiders and am very disturbed by the amount I have found. Someone please tell me it’s harmless! Lol

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Hi, I’m not sure which type of spider it is. Your fear of spiders is very common and it isn’t scientifically or statistically appropriate, BUT it isn’t irrational because you were raised in an era when spiders are used as a scary monster in media. Bats are maligned the same way. That’s why they are Halloween monsters. Characters in TV and movies are sometimes assassinated by a spy placing a single spider in their apartment or bed. That would not work in reality. It would be extremely difficult to kill someone with a spider even if you tied the person… Read more »


Male Gladicosa gulosa.


Hi, Just my 2 cents. I can’t peg your spider beyond one of the wolf spiders, they can be hard to ID even from good photos. Good news is none of the wolf spiders will pose risk to you.
As a kid, I often catch them by hand and of the very many I have handled, only one insignficant bite.(my bad)
They are a common classroom pet, some even in the pet trade.
As for arachnophobia, I can never understand how this fear ever began.
A video of a wolf spider, if you can watch:


Thank you for your kind words. This,overall, is the primary mission of this website and I’m happy too hear we’ve done well.


Thank you. Please understand the motive of the video is not to promote the handling of spiders, but to show that they are not the satan spawn as many may think, they would just as soon be left alone. Wolf spiders are one of the outdoor sort and to catch and release in the yard, everybody is happy.

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Picture of Gladicosa gulosa - Male - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Gladicosa gulosa - Male - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Gladicosa gulosa - Male - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Gladicosa gulosa - Female - Dorsal Enlarge Picture