Chrysilla volupe

Picture ID 55470

Picture of Chrysilla volupe - Dorsal

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It's very small.. I have found many spiders like this around my house, in many different colours... I couldn't capture all it's colours through this photo correctly however

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It is a male of one of the Jumping Spiders in the family Salticidae.


Tentatively Chrysilla volupe. I need to make a page to file this when I have more time.


I happened to be found by this little guy in North Carolina on June 17th, 2022, he was a very curious spider. At first I didn’t think it was a spider because he was missing his front right and back left legs. His front leg was bigger than the others and black, while his other legs were a sap color. He jumped in my hand and started webbing all around my hand. I should’ve taken a picture but I didn’t think about as I was so curious as to why I felt like this spider liked me. He wouldn’t leave… Read more ยป