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Cithaeron praedonius

Picture ID 5559

Picture of Cithaeron praedonius - Dorsal

Comments & ID Thoughts

I think I see a violin on this spider's back. It has pink legs and sort of a brown complexion. I'm no spider expert but I found it crawling on my ceiling in my bedroom above my dresser. I found a small bite on my left ring finger three days ago. I think I am healing up a bit. I did just want to clarify what exact type of spider this spider accurately is. Thoughts/Comments? All is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 Unfortunately nothing is very clear in this image. I don’t see any indication of a fiddle mark on the carapace. I suspect this is a Cithaeron praedonius.


The pedipalps (leg-like appendages near the spider’s mouth) are distinctive looking on Cithaeron praedonius, at first I thought they were both missing but looking again I think I see one long slender palp on the right side of the image so I’m tentatively filing this to species.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Cithaeron praedonius - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Cithaeron praedonius - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture