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(Angulate & Round-shouldered Orb-weavers)

Picture ID 55967

Picture of Araneus (Angulate & Round-shouldered Orb-weavers) - Female - Ventral,Webs

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We have had this spider on our kitchen window indoors for at least 8 months.
I would be interested to know what kind of spider it is. Being colour blind makes it a bit difficult for me to search online.
It has just eaten a dragonfly i caught today! So it might look a bit fatter than normal.

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That’s interesting about color blindness. My mother is color blind and I just realized from you why she had trouble identifying certain emojis. I just looked it up, there are apps that alter your screen to match your type of color blindness, I think to create more contrast. Spider and bird identifications must be difficult when they are described in color terms.


Hi. best I can make from this is an orb weaver, Araneidae family. Good to have around and very harmless.
On windows like this, that is where the nocturnal flying insects are, so may be eating more than you think.
I have fed them too, even things like crickets and cockroaches with tweezers.


Possibly a Cross Orb-weaver, Araneus diadematus.

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