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Picture of Pholcus - Lateral

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I have never seen this spider till I moved to Maine. I don’t want to continue killing them if they are good ones.

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Hi, this is a cellar spider, Pholcus phalangioides, AKA daddy long leg spider. They are cosmopolitan, the most common house spider globally.
Totally harmless to humans and pets and certainly worth having around.
I have 3 about the house now, If it is out of the way, I would just leave it undisturbed.


I totally agree. I have lots of them in my house in New Hampshire. A new generation just started their lives. Most stay in one spot, such as ceiling corners and under cabinets. They are very good for eating fruit flies that emerge from my fruit bowl. They stake out the exterior doors to catch mosquitoes too! When they get thirsty they go to my kitchen sink and drink from water droplets or they drop down to newly watered house plants to get some of the water. If the webs become dusty and unattractive you can remove the webs without… Read more »


More often than not, I have herd ‘granddaddy long legs’ refer to the harvestman(opiliones) as they can get much larger than cellar spiders.
Had a harvestman live in my kitchen with a 9 inch legspan.
Yea, I played with all 3 of the daddy long legs which includes the crane flies.
All totally harmless.


You’re welcome! Now you’ve experienced a basic Star Trek lesson of ‘ understand before resorting to violence and destruction .’ That’s my personal basic message to the World. I played with the type of daddy longlegs you did as a kid. I was lucky they were safe, I was a “free range” kid. Whatever that doesn’t kill you is a toy. The kind you remember, harvestmen, as Bugman said, are arachnids, but they aren’t spiders. Family Opiliones has all of its organs in one exoskeleton segment. Spiders have two segments connected by a tube. Insects have three segments. That’s the… Read more »

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