Olios giganteus
(Giant Crab Spider)

Picture ID 56543

Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) - Male - Dorsal

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I live in Arizona in Scottsdale and I found this spider crawling on my leg when I was sitting on my couch I never even felt it crawl up my foot or anything I just saw it and he was huge in person, I flicked it off my leg onto the carpet put a glass over it and then let him go outside, does anyone know what this spider is?

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Hi. I don’t really see wolf spider here. For your location, this could be a juvenile giant crab spider, Olios species. Looks to have the typical dark mouth parts. compare here. https://bugguide.net/node/view/1578687/bgimage If this looks to be your little friend, they are a very harmless sort,they can bite if pressed against the skin. Most adults I have seen get near 3 inches across the legs. quick if spooked but played with quite a few when I was younger. I have a photo of one of these chilling on my thumb,a smaller juvenile, if I can find it,I will update here.… Read more »


You have impressive self control to just flick something that size crawling on your leg. Thank you for not harming it!


Well, thanks for respecting spiders, crawling on me, I would likely coax it onto my hand and take it outside,,provided it doesn’t spook, they can be easy to pick up.
This is a video with a giant house spider, but the technique works for a good number of spiders:
A different type of huntsman, but not much different catching them:
I used to use a deli tray and paper trick til one spooked and bolted and broke a couple legs so doing this by hand since.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) - Ventral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) Enlarge Picture
Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) Enlarge Picture
Picture of Olios giganteus (Giant Crab Spider) Enlarge Picture