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Picture of Tigrosa - Dorsal

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Spiders keep coming in my home. I live outside the city limits. What type of spider is this and is it posionous.

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Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 This is a Wolf Spider in the genus Tigrosa. I think it’s Tigrosa annexa, but the image is dark and Tigrosa helluo can look similar. Like most spiders they have venom but are not considered to be of medical significance to people. Everyone’s immune system is different though.


Also, this isn’t an indoor species, if you’re seeing a lot of spiders like this in your home consider sealing cracks around floors, doors, windows, foundation etc. to stop them from wandering in by mistake.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Tigrosa spp. - Female - Dorsal,Egg sacs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Tigrosa spp. - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Tigrosa spp. - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Tigrosa spp. - Dorsal,Eyes Enlarge Picture