Arctosa perita
(Sand Bear Wolf Spider)

Picture ID 58779

Picture of Arctosa perita (Sand Bear Wolf Spider) - Male - Dorsal

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Arctosa perita (Latreille, 1799), male. Sand bear spider. [Introduced to Canada]

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Such a beautiful spider. I like the common name “Sun Bear Spider” and can see the resemblance. I googled it but only found people using “Sand Bear Spider” for A. perita – I added both to the info. page and have “Sand Bear” as the name that shows up over the images because that’s the one I saw people using but can change it to “Sun Bear” if you think that one is more appropriate.


Ah, I fixed it but admit I’m disappointed … I liked “Sun Bear Spider” better! haha


I actually just found this exact spider in my garage. I am VERY positive this is it. It was on a web on the top corner of my garage.. this was just two days ago, too.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Arctosa perita (Sand Bear Wolf Spider) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture