Lupettiana mordax

Picture ID 58868

Picture of Lupettiana mordax - Female - Dorsal
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Hi, this looks like a Ghost Spider (Anyphaenidae), Lupettiana mordax. I need to make a page to file it, nice find.


I don’t think they make elaborate webs, but probably make silken retreats … here’s an example of a Ghost Spider in a different genus (Anyphaenidae, Hibana sp.) in it’s retreat. I imagine Lupettiana is similar but didn’t find an example.


I know exactly what you mean! There’s also Black Widow, the Wasp, Ant Man, the Tick, Bride of Nine Spiders, Spiderman, The Green Hornet, Mighty Mite, and more that clog arthropod searches. I didn’t know Ghost Spider was Spider-Gwen in the spider-verse of the Spider-geddon story line until now. My husband had a phobia about the ghosts of spiders seeking revenge. Maybe we need more of that in the world. I sure didn’t enjoy dealing with his phobia of something that’s not a thing! The best way around that search problem is to search by the genus Lupettiana or the… Read more »

Phil L

I found on today and killed it. Looks identical.