Phanias harfordi

Picture ID 59825

Picture of Phanias harfordi - Dorsal

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I am so sorry about the size of the spider in the photo, my phone camera sucks and it was skittish so I didn't want to get too close. You should be able to zoom in.

I suspect it's a jumping spider based on its face. It has large, forward-facing eyes and a flat(ish) top. It also leapt at my hand when I was trying to shoo it away from my birdcage after I took the picture.

Its legs are chunky compared to the regular house spiders I see around here, which I've come to expect from jumping spiders. Mostly I'm curious to see what variety it is, if I'm correct at all.

It was bigger than most jumping spiders I see around here, but I'm used to the tiny little black ones which I also don't have a name for.

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Hi, see above image for ID. 🙂 (Jumping Spider) She’s cute.