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Picture of Steatoda (False Widows) - Lateral,Webs

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Found underneath our window sill behind where my guitar amplifier was. We live in an annex with a flat roof and it's usually warm (about 18 degrees centigrade +), I'm hoping it's not a Steatoda nobilis (noble false widow). Me and my partner have both been bitten by something whilst asleep, her more so, she woke up with a swollen face and was given antibiotics back in november, I have been bitten a few times on the back and arm and they leave a small raised red bump that lasts about 2 weeks. So I'm thinking this does indeed point to being a false widow, needless to say I cleaned behind the amp and I'll do a big Spring clean in the morning!

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Hi, I can’t determine the exact species from this image (a dorsal shot is preferable) but it does appear to be one of the False Widows (there are several possibilities in the genus). The females tend to stay in their webs, they’re not a likely suspect for repeated bites in bed. Blood sucking insects are more suspect. If a spider did find it’s way into the bed it could bite in self defense though. Behind your amp she’s more likely waiting to prey on whatever has been biting you. You can reduce the number of spiders you find indoors by… Read more »

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Picture of Steatoda spp. (False Widows) - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Steatoda spp. (False Widows) - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Steatoda spp. (False Widows) - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Steatoda spp. (False Widows) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture