Neoscona lipana
(gagambang hapon)

Picture ID 6225

Picture of Neoscona lipana (gagambang hapon) - Dorsal

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Coming home from school found a guy selling spiders wasn't really interested i just wanted to see some and i was intersted with 1 that had a cool marking at the back I don't want to use them to fight i want to put them in our yard since there are lots of flies here

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Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 I’m not familiar with the species in your region so I don’t know the exact species … but I found one similar to yours IDed as a Neoscona sp. . The photographer (Nicky Bay) is a reliable source. I hope your Orb Weavers stay close where you can enjoy them and that they catch lots of bugs for you.


I decided to take another look at this one as I found the whole story about you coming across someone selling spiders on the way home from school to be interesting in and of itself. Anyway, I think I found a good candidate for species … I downloaded a paper called “Taxonomy of Philippine derby spider” (Barrion-Dupo, 2008). There were a lot of images of Neoscona from the Philippines to compare to, one of which matched your spider very well. Neoscona lipana. 🙂 I’m not always so lucky when I try to figure these out, some papers only have a… Read more »


Yeah. Its N. Lipana.