Phidippus audax
(Bold Jumper)

Picture ID 63401

Picture of Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) - Dorsal,Prey

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My initial guess is probably a regal jumping spider (phiddipus regius?) Decently sized and found on the side of my barn.

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Regal jumpers are usually found in southeastern US so bold jumper is more likely


I actually just caught two bold jumpers, my best friend wanted one and I’m keeping the other! They’re such cool little creatures.


I can’t find any info about either species being listed as invasive anywhere. Do you know of an official source?


Thanks for replying. I read the OSU article and I think the title is very misleading in someone’s attempt to be clever with wordplay. I think it was pretty dull too. ๐Ÿ™ State links are the best for finding out what is legally a prohibited species, since that requires passing a law, not just passing judgment.


I was surprised that my National Wildlife Federation spider and insect field guide advocates collecting arthropod specimens and goes into detail about it. I don’t see any use for it with modern photography except for entomology class studies. We mostly used prepared slides and taxonomic keys in Invertebrate Zoology – except for larger animals. I remove invasive plants from public land. It is legal because the plants aren’t legal. I made sure the City departments and police know who I am and that I know what I’m doing. Whenever someone calls the police to have me checked out the police… Read more ยป


I agree with Adele, this one is probably Phidippus audax (bold jumper). We don’t have any valid records for P. regius in Ohio. Check out the list on my website (under about spiders, checklist).

Additional Pictures

Picture of Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) - Female - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) - Dorsal,Prey Enlarge Picture
Picture of Phidippus audax (Bold Jumper) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture