Polybetes pythagoricus

Picture ID 6383

Picture of Polybetes pythagoricus - Dorsal

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This crawled out from behind a curtain in my daughters room. Quite large, abdomen maybe 1.5 “ long. We are currently right along the coast in Uruguay, in a residential neighborhood.

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Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 This is a Huntsman Spider/Giant Crab Spider, looks like Polybetes pythagoricus.


So far as I am aware they are not considered to be of significant medical significance, unfortunately the effects of a bite from many species is not well documented. Doing a quick search on the matter I came across an excerpt from a book that includes an account of someone who was reportedly bit by a Polybetes sp. who subsequently was ill for a week and had an ulcer that took many weeks to heal … but that account is from 1909! Who knows what other medical conditions that individual may have had, and it’s only one account from over… Read more »