Loxosceles reclusa
(Brown Recluse)

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Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse) - Dorsal

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My wife got bit by this nasty dude

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This spider’s venom will harm you. You won’t die, but it causes necrosis of the tissue all around the bite site. I worked in the hospital for many years, and had a few patients with recluse bites. They had to have the tissue removed, and in some cases A LOT more extensive wound care. These spiders are one of the reasons I’m always checking the markings. They’re pretty small spiders, but pack a punch. Be careful around them. Oh! They’re also commonly known as a fiddle-back spider due to it’s design. I researched them thoroughly after taking care of my… Read more »


I appreciate being able to see one that is identified by you guys on this site as I trust the knowledge. It has to be one of the most mis-identified spiders. I anticipate seeing these as we live on a farm where there are endless numbers of all spiders, bugs, and insects, and I do know Black Widows live around our property and house. I have found three different locations with webs, a female, and eggs. It is clearly now recognizable once you see one. Wondering in what locations Brown Recluses are usually encountered, truly under houses, or hidden spaces… Read more »


My research said they liked hidden, cool, dark spaces. However, here are the places they were in when my patients were bitten: a branch (man grabbed branch during fishing trip), hay field, rafter of house (man fixing a roof and came upon a nest – was bitten by several times), under bark of fallen tree (son in law looking for fire wood), and while sitting in lawn chair watching a ballgame (inner thigh area). The hay field was a paramedic treating a man from a tractor roll over. It crawled up his pant leg and bit him one side of… Read more »

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Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse) Enlarge Picture
Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Loxosceles reclusa (Brown Recluse) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture