Alopecosa kochi

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Picture of Alopecosa kochi - Dorsal

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I believe it may be a Weaver or a brown recluse. Hoping for the weaver as I have a baby at home.

We've seen four of these over the last several months (winter). They vary a bit in size and this has been the gurthiest.

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That’s definitely not a recluse. It could be some variation of orb weaver, but I’m leaning heavily on it being one of the wolf spider variations. I remove one from my house at least once a month, ranging from big to baby tarantula size. Wolf spiders are great for controlling other pests, so I try to capture and release outside near the house to feast on the plethora of other insects due to the heavy forest nearby. They’re pretty shy, and usually don’t come into populated areas unless they’re moving to hunt something they’ve spotted. But, they do carry some… Read more »


From what I can see, probably Lycosidae, perhaps Tigrosa? If not, then likely Agelenidae, maybe Eratigena. Hard to tell for sure, but they are great for pest control and aren’t a danger at all.


Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 This is a Wolf Spider, Alopecosa kochi. You can reduce the number of spiders in your home by sealing cracks around floors, doors, windows, foundation etc., vacuum everywhere and empty the canister outside. They’re not well suited to living indoors (might do all right in a basement) so this isn’t one you should be seeing a lot of, they’re probably wandering in somewhere by mistake.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Alopecosa kochi - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Alopecosa kochi - Dorsal,Prey Enlarge Picture
Picture of Alopecosa kochi - Female - Dorsal,Egg sacs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Alopecosa kochi - Female - Dorsal Enlarge Picture