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Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Dorsal,Spiderlings,Webs

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orb weaver spiderling. wish i had a better picture but it was difficult enough to get this level of focus on such a tiny object. found on the web at night about 6 feet off the ground. there's a juvenile neoscona arabesca very close by and the abdominal pattern on this spiderling looks pretty similar

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Hi, your guess may be right. It’s hard to be sure with spiderlings though.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Male - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Dorsal,Webs Enlarge Picture
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Picture of Araneidae (Orb-weavers) - Dorsal Enlarge Picture