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Picture of Parasteatoda - Male,Female

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Parasteatoda tepidariorum, Common House Spiders. The female is on the left. The male in the center already mated with her. Another male, on the right, arrived to mate with her too. The first male is trying to prevent that by staying between. them They fought after this and they both wound up wrapped around the female at the same time while spinning on a strand of silk . Total spider erotica!.

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TangledWeb, how do you publish a photo and label it with a species, and not have it say “Unidentified”, because I’ve been trying to do that.


I looked at the discussion tab. Is that what you mean? Also, how do I contact her so that I can get IDs on my pictures? I’m sorry, but this website is very confusing.


Wow there’s a lot happening here!

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