Hyptiotes cavatus
(Triangle Weaver)

Picture ID 92368

Picture of Hyptiotes cavatus (Triangle Weaver)

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Uloborus glomosus? It is the thing that looks like a bud at the end of the twig. Note the hairs on the legs, distally. It kept posing as a bud. I've seen many of these in the woods here. They are small and escape easily and are difficult to photograph.

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Head and legs look like Micrathena, not sure from this though.


I didn’t comment on most of them to save time but I went through and labeled most of your images.


OK, not a lot of detail but close enough that I filed it. Looks like you were right with Uloboridae, just a different genus. Should just be the one species in your area. Hyptiotes cavatus. 🙂