(Ground Crab Spiders)

Picture ID 92372

Picture of Xysticus (Ground Crab Spiders) - Dorsal

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definitely some kind of crab spider— maybe Xysticus, but there aren’t any entries of that genus this far south, so I can’t say for sure. found just outside my house with one arm slightly raised as if asking for a high-five... which I returned, very gently, and it flinched a bit at the contact but didn’t go anywhere so I’m counting that as a success

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Hi, congrats on your spider high-five! Or high-five & high zero. This spider might be in family Philodromidae (600 daunting species). The second pair of legs is supposed to be the longest in that family, and they look fairly equal to the first on your spider. It has the “leaf cardiac mark” outline interrupting the bilateral straight lines. I can’t tell if the eye pattern matches. The colors are right for Philodromidae. I like colors and markings on this one. Our site’s confirmed sightings are not scientifically thorough. I try to find ones that aren’t listed for various states. Even… Read more »


You’re right with Xysticus. Maybe X. funestus.

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