Hogna antelucana

Picture ID 9264

Picture of Hogna antelucana - Dorsal

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I know nothing about spiders but this was in my garage at night just wondering what it is.

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Hi, and welcome to the site. Your spider is a female wolf spider in the Lycosidae family.
30 years in southern Nevada, the only species I have found is Hogna carolinensis, which this looks to be.
Used to spot them often, seems the urban sprawl has about driven them from the valley, Nice find.
They are not dangerous,but can be provoked to bite if mishandled.


Hi, welcome to Spider ID. 🙂 This is a Wolf Spider (Lycosidae), the species however is Hogna antelucana.
Edit: The median carapace stripe appears different on H. antelucana, narrow between the eyes where as it is broad on H. carolinensis..


I just have to go with 95% confidence this is H. carolinensis, Of 30 individuals I have found, none were H.antelucana. Dorsally,they can look identical other than size.
The only confirmation would include a ventral view.


BugmanDan, even though you have vast personal experience with H. carolinensis, there is a visual difference on the carapace to distinguish these two species. ItsyBitsy is extremely conservative with her IDs and leans toward filing at the family/genus when she is uncertain.


Hi Kyle, I agree, and in the future will not attempt to peg a species from a photo unless certain. Much of my knowledge I gleaned from Rod Crawford and his method just works.
You identify spiders under a microscope, anything else is guesswork.

Additional Pictures

Picture of Hogna antelucana - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Hogna antelucana - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Hogna antelucana Enlarge Picture
Picture of Hogna antelucana - Female - Spiderlings Enlarge Picture