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Picture of Agelenopsis (Grass Spiders) - Male - Dorsal

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Is this a brown recluse ?

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No, they don’t live in New Jersey.


No they don’t. If you think you’ve seen them, what you probably saw were lookalike species. Cellar, House, Hobo and Wolf Spiders are some of the most common misidentifications. Not that spiders can’t show up outside of their normal range, but there is no established population of recluses in New Jersey.


I did that and the result is exterminators mentioning that Brown Recluses might come into the state from the states where they do live. They also mention that the biggest problem with spiders is the fear people have because they don’t know how to tell spiders apart and people assume that any spider they see is the scariest one they’ve heard of. As for Black Widows….people often mistake False Widows (harmless and very common) for them.


There could be a few occasional strays. Peace.


Being from the area myself some of the species locals frequently mistake for Recluse (Loxosceles) are Yellow Sac Spiders (Cheiracanthium mildei), Running Crab Spiders (Philodromidae), Crab Spiders (Thomisidae), and some things that just happen to be brown like Wolf Spiders (Lycosidae), Grass Spiders (Agelenidae) like yours, and Orb-weavers (Neoscona crucifera in particular being super common, big and brown … and also hairy … Recluse are not very hairy. Your spider is hairy.) You are right about the Widows though, we have two species of Widow in our area, Northern (Latrodectus variolus) and Southern Black Widows (Latrodectus mactans).


Look, see how the spider in your picture has a long, pointy abdomen with a little pointy thing on the end? Brown Recluse have oval shaped abdomens with no pointy thing. Your spider also has a thick black stripe running down its abdomen; Brown Recluse have solid-color gray or tan abdomens with no markings. Their heads are also smaller, their color lighter brown, their legs thinner, the signature violin marking is missing on this spider, and it’s too hairy. It couldn’t be a recluse even if you were in range.


Hi, this is a male Grass Spider (Agelenopsis sp.). I’ve been doing this for over ten years (I volunteer on several sites) and have yet to see an ID request from NJ that was actually a Recluse (Loxosceles). Which isn’t to say they don’t occasionally hitch a ride from out of state, that is bound to happen and it’s just a matter of time before a legit ID request from NJ turns up, really I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet … however they’re not running all over the place like some people would have you believe. Here’s a map from… Read more »

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Picture of Agelenopsis spp. (Grass Spiders) - Ventral,Webs Enlarge Picture
Picture of Agelenopsis spp. (Grass Spiders) - Dorsal,Webs Enlarge Picture
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Picture of Agelenopsis spp. (Grass Spiders) Enlarge Picture