Tigrosa helluo

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i don’t know the sex, but with spiders i default to “she” pronouns.
she’s missing a leg, probably due to my cat.
her body is roughly 2 cm long, her leg span is roughly 4 cm long.
she seems to maybe be a little fuzzy, but definitely not furry.
her legs are thick and strong.
her color is a velvety dark brown, with a stripe of slightly lighter brown extending from her abdomen up to right inbetween her eyes. the sides of her .. thighs? are also this color.
she has a tapedum lucidum! she has eyeshine, which i didn’t know spiders had! makes sense.
there’s a little white dot on her spinneret. could be webbing, could be a part of her body.
her palps are very big !
she was captured in my room in the basement and released outside.

absolutely no clue what she is! please help me out!

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I don’t know what species “Black Wolf Spider” refers to but you’re right that it’s a Wolf Spider (Lycosidae). The species is Tigrosa helluo. iNaturalist lists their common name as “Giant Wetland Wolf Spider”.

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Picture of Tigrosa helluo - Dorsal Enlarge Picture
Picture of Tigrosa helluo - Lateral Enlarge Picture
Picture of Tigrosa helluo - Female - Dorsal,Spiderlings Enlarge Picture
Picture of Tigrosa helluo - Dorsal Enlarge Picture