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Picture of unidentified spider

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Some kind of fishing spider?

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  • Submitted: Nov 13, 2019
  • Photographed: Nov 9, 2019
  • Spider: Unidentified
  • Location: Andover, Kansas, United States
  • Spotted Outdoors: Forest
  • Found in web?: No
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Appears to be a wolf spider. Possibly a fishing wolf spider, but it’s not in water, so I can’t observe that. The light coloration is either adaptive of its environment or it’s recently moulted.


This is a Nursery Web Spider, Pisaurina mira. They are in the same family as Fishing Spiders, Pisauridae. The stripe marking can vary in color and width. This is a pale one. I’ll add a link to images. I’ve found several Nursery Web Spiders in the same little area at the same time that all had different variations of the markings. https://bugguide.net/index.php?q=search&keys=pisaurina+mira BTW, this species can jump forward and upward.


Okay. Yeah, I see it. I think it would be easier to tell if we were observing it at an angle because nursery spiders tend to be more horizontally flattened than fishing spiders. I think it is the light coloration that threw me off. Also, the legs look thicker. Maybe it’s the opposite and it’s close to moulting? Also, it’s hard to tell size without a static reference, like the standard pencil eraser. Nursery web spiders are typically much smaller than wolf spiders. I’m not seeing the obvious spinnerets, though. I thought that was a typical indicator of a nursery… Read more »